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How much you know about plastic flexible conduit

As we know, plastic flexible conduit is widely used in wire and cable protection. I’m afraid that most people know little about them. So it is hard for them to choose the available type. Today, we’re going to share the most widely used plastic flexible conduit.

General Plastic Flexible Conduit

General Plastic Flexible Conduit

General plastic flexible conduit contain PA, PP, PE and PVC flexible conduit. You can find them everywhere, like house, building, construction, indoors, outdoors, machinery etc. Based on the different situation, we use different material plastic flexible conduit. If we want to protect robot wire harness, we use PA flexible conduit. If use conduit indoors, we choose PP flexible conduit. If we just want to cover cables, we select PE flexible conduit. If we use in construction, we often purchase PVC flexible conduit. Better appreance and cheaper price makes general flexible conduit popular in our daily life.

Split Plastic Flexible Conduit

Split Plastic Flexible Conduit

Split plastic flexible conduit is also called split wire loom tubing. They are widely used in auto harness. Compared with general flexible conduit, split flexible conduit are more convenient for harness protect. Because it is easy to fix and put the wire in. But they can’t be used in a long distance cable protection. So if you need to protect many cables at the same time. We recommend split flexible conduit to you.

Industrial Flexible Conduit

Industrial Flexible Conduit(HDPE Spiral Flexible Conduit)
Do you know there is a kind of plastic flexible conduit can be used underground. It is industrial plastic flexible conduit, also called HDPF spiral flexible conduit. It is different from general flexible conduit and split flexible conduit. HDPE spiral flexible conduit is spiral conduit, makes it stronger and durabler than general flexible conduit. Furthermore, it can be produced in big diameter. We can produce 300mm outer diameter of HDPE spiral flexible conduit. It is nearly impossible for general flexible conduit.


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