Welcome to FlexGlory

Samples Availability & Policy

For general products, free samples are available for us. There are many customers need samples for testing. So our company won’t pay for the samples cost any more. After confirmed with our salesman, please make an express order online or by phone, then express staff can pick up the samples from our factory. Furthermore, for the non standard products, samples cost are needed, and we’ll pay back them during the next order.

Quality & Certificates

In the past 4 years, we haven’t gotten any bad quality feedback from our customers. We have a complete quality management system, and always we arrange 2~3 QA(quality assurance) for every order. So we have enough confidence to keep our quality the same as the samples.

Now we have CE, ISO9001:2008, Rohs certificates for plastic flexible conduit. For other products, we also get the certificates using permission from our cooperated factory. Such as plastic/metal cable glands(IP68, SGS), cable sleeving(UL), heat shrink tubing(UL), cable ties(materials UL) etc. Although we can’t produce the all products, but we hope to offer the best quality products for our customers.

Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions
We take full responsibility for any inconformity with customer’s request in color, quality, packing, size, quantity, delivery, etc. We guarantee the protection of customer‘s designs, workmanship and copyrights. Customized design service is available, executed by professional designers. Our own designs could be provided to customer exclusively.

Lead Time & Shipping & Payment
Most of the products are in stock. General sizes lead time from 1~3days to 3~7days. But for custom services product, the lead time always based on the production arrangement.

Stainless steel products and fittings, we prefer to ship by express. Other products, we always ship them by ocean. No worried about the shipping cost, you can easily find our shipping cost also competitive.

PayPal is the first choice for small order. For other orders, T/T, Western Union etc are workable for us.

What Can We Do For You

  1. A series of cable protection and cable management products.
  2. 24 hours problem deal with service.
  3. Competitive prices
  4. Complete quality control system
  5. Complete sales KPR system for keep our enthusiasm for every order.
  6. Free samples of general products for your testing.
  7. Products cutting, split, print etc custom services.

FlexGlory specialize in cable protection and cable management industry. We hope to learn and grow with you in the near future.