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Know more of general flexible wire cable conduits

Flexible wire cable conduits are widely used in wire and cable protection. Now, more and more people know they are more convenient during protect us. We can find all kinds of flexible wire cable conduits in our life. Like lift, home, metro, machine, auto etc. General, we divide them based on their materials, plastic flexible conduit, flexible metal conduit. Here are you can find more of them.
plastic flexible cable conduit

Plastic Flexible Conduit

There are four kinds of plastic flexible cable conduit. PA, PP, PE, PVC. For the terrible situation and somewhere which have high appearance requirements, we use PA flexible cable conduit. For PP and PE material, their price have similar. But PP are harder than PE. So PP flexible cable conduit are used most widely in our daily life. The fourth is PVC. PVC flexible cable conduit are general in the past. It is hard enough and also fireproof. But we use rarely these years, because it is not environment.

Flexible Metal Conduit

Flexible metal conduit is hard and durable than plastic flexible conduit. In some place, flexible metal conduit also has a better anti-acid and oil properties. Generally, we divide them based on the structure, pure metal flexible conduit and plastic coated flexible metal conduit. Pure metal flexible conduit are made by stainless steel or galvanized steel. Materials can affect them, structure also. General structure is single lock, and you can also find some flexible metal conduit with double lock structure. It makes metal flexible conduit more durable.

For plastic coated flexible metal conduit, and plastic always is PVC. PVC coated flexible metal conduit has a better appearance and also has the flexible metal conduit properties. Now days, PVC coated flexible metal conduit are becoming more and more popular in the construction and machinery.

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