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polyamide flexible conduit

Nylon Flexible Conduit

  • Default: black, others are OK
  • Material: nylon/polyamide
  • Temperature: -40 ~ +130℃
  • Certificates: CE, Rohs, ISO9001:2008
  • Fire-proof: V0, V1, V2 etc are workable
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Nylon flexible conduit is widely used in wire and cable protection, with the durable material and smooth surface. It is produced by stable and reliable pa6 materials.

Our Strength:

  • ISO, CE, Rohs etc.
  • MOQ is 100 meters.
  • Quick quotes within 24 hours.
  • Free samples are available for your testing.
  • Custom sizes, colors, packages, fire-proof, split etc are workable.

Nylon Flexible Conduit show
nylon flexible conduit show, split is also workable for us.


nylon flexible conduit structure
nylon flexible conduit outside and inside are corrugated, and also called corrugated flexible nylon conduit.

Quality Guarantee:

Free exchange within a year and 3 years maintenance guaranteed for non-man-made damages.


nylon flexible conduit warehouse

nylon flexible conduit warehouse


Paypal for small quantity, T/T, Western Union for large quantity, others are negotiated.


Types Inch Inner Diameter*Outer Diameter Bending Radius Units
FLEX-PA-7.0 4.5*7.0mm 10mm 200m/roll
FLEX-PA-10.0 1/4″ 6.5*10.0mm 15mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PA-11.6 8.6*11.6mm 20mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PA-13.0 5/16″ 10.0*13.0mm 20mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PA-15.8 3/8″ 12.0*15.8mm 28mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PA-18.5 14.3*18.5mm 35mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PA-20.0 16.0*20.0mm 38mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PA-21.2 1/2″ 17.0*21.2mm 40mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PA-25.0 20.0*25.0mm 42mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PA-28.5 3/4″ 23.0*28.5mm 45mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PA-32.0 25.0*32.0mm 50mm 50m/roll
FLEX-PA-34.5 1″ 29.0*34.5mm 55mm 50m/roll
FLEX-PA-42.5 1-1/4″ 36.0*42.5mm 70mm 25m/roll
FLEX-PA-54.5 2″ 48.0*54.5mm 80mm 25m/roll

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