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Non Metallic Flexible Conduit

Non Metallic Flexible Conduit

  • Default: black, others are OK
  • Temperature: -30 ~ +100 ℃
  • Certificates: CE, Rohs, ISO9001:2008
  • Material: polyethylene (PE), PA/PP/PVC are also workable.
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Non metallic flexible conduit is widely used in wire and cable protection, with the durable material and smooth surface.

Our Strength:

  • Non metallic flexible conduit is produced by stable and reliable materials. It is cheaper than the other plastic material.
  • ISO, CE, Rohs etc.
  • MOQ is 100 meters.
  • Quick quotes within 24 hours.
  • Free samples are available for your testing.
  • Custom sizes, colors, packages, fire-proof, split etc are workable.


non metallic flexible conduit structure
Non metallic flexible conduit inside and outside like wave.

Quality Guarantee:

Free exchange within a year and 3 years maintenance guaranteed for non-man-made damages.


Non metallic flexible conduit Warehouse


Paypal for small quantity, T/T, Western Union for large quantity, others are negotiated.


Types Inch Inner Diameter*Outer Diameter Bending Radius Units
FLEX-PE-7.0 4.5*7.0mm 10mm 200m/roll
FLEX-PE-10.0 1/4″ 6.5*10.0mm 15mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PE-11.6 8.6*11.6mm 20mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PE-13.0 5/16″ 10.0*13.0mm 20mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PE-15.8 3/8″ 12.0*15.8mm 28mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PE-18.5 14.3*18.5mm 35mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PE-20.0 16.0*20.0mm 38mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PE-21.2 1/2″ 17.0*21.2mm 40mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PE-25.0 20.0*25.0mm 42mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PE-28.5 3/4″ 23.0*28.5mm 45mm 100m/roll
FLEX-PE-32.0 25.0*32.0mm 50mm 50m/roll
FLEX-PE-34.5 1″ 29.0*34.5mm 55mm 50m/roll
FLEX-PE-42.5 1-1/4″ 36.0*42.5mm 70mm 25m/roll
FLEX-PE-54.5 2″ 48.0*54.5mm 80mm 25m/roll

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