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openable quick connectors

Openable Quick Connectors

  • Default: Black.
  • Material: Polyamide/PA6 (Nylon).
  • Temperature: -40 ~ +110 degree.
  • Certificates: CE, Rohs, ISO9001:2008.
  • Thread Types: Metric, PG, G(PF)
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Openable Quick Connectors are widely used in wire and cable protection, to connect flexible plastic conduit with others quickly. It is easy to openable and then manger the flexible conduit well.

Our Strength:

  • ISO, CE, Rohs etc
  • Quick quotes within 24 hours
  • Free samples are available for your testing
  • Custom sizes, colors, packages, fire-proof etc are workable


openable quick connectors with plastic flexible conduit
openable quick connectors with plastic flexible conduit

Quality Guarantee:

Free exchange within a year and 3 years maintenance guaranteed for non-man-made damages.


Paypal for small quantity, T/T, Western Union for large quantity, others are negotiated.


Plastic Conduit Outer Diameter Metric Thread Items PG Thread Items G(PF) Thread Items
10.0mm M12*1.5 PG7
13.0mm M16*1.5 PG9
15.8mm M18*1.5 PG11
18.5mm M20*1.5 PG13.5
21.2mm M20*1.5 PG16
21.2mm M24*1.5
25.0mm M25*1.5 G3/4″
28.5mm M27*2.0 PG21
34.5mm M32*1.5 PG29 G1″
34.5mm M36*2.0
42.5mm M48*2.0 PG36
54.5mm M60*2.0 PG48

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